Established in 2006 BLUESCHOOL is a series of workshops allowing anyone, at any level and any instrument, from any musical horizon, reading music or not, having already improvised or not, to discover the BLUES, its culture, its music, its affiliates (Soul, Funk ...), to deepen their knowledge and put their soul in it.


These workshops can be taught in French or English in any country, in any place that have the necessary equipment. Studio, concert venue, university hall, community hall, school, association, hotel, farm, a local band, an orchestra, a brass band, a harmony, a Big Band ... or at home!

Allow people who loves and plays contemporary music, to know and understand its foundations, and better understand it. Also allow composers and musicians of today to develop a personal style with a solid perspective of what was created before.

At BLUESCHOOL we love quick and effective learning. The workshops are short and the information is highly condensed. The workshops are designed so that all points are instantly performed by the group, to incorporate the material as quickly as possible. We experiment any information. theory, idea, question ...

Each player also receives voice or instrument specific instructions (verbal, chords, characteristic patterns, scores for readers) and can understand and experience the playing of different styles of blues and the various roles of his/her instrument within the group.

At BLUESCHOOL one approaches the thread coming from acoustic blues to current blues (electric or not) through the various stages of its evolution, affiliate styles (Soul, Funk ...) and musicians marking each time.


Depending on the interest of the participants or the structure that hosts the workshop, we will discuss the influence the blues has had on jazz and the loans that jazz has made to blues since the early jazz-blues of WC Handy (eg St. Louis Blues) to the current fusion music, through the bebop blues of Charlie Parker or John Coltrane's modal music.

Conference presentation

On request, all or part of the course content, as well as many aspects related to Blues can become a conference or a presentation.