WORKSHOPS for any instrument and voice, all levels (One-day / Module)

see also under TEACHING / BLUESCHOOL 

COURSES in groups or individual on different aspects of music or instruments:


for any instrument :improvisation, technic, theory, composition, song-writing...

in any style : the Blues and its affiliates ( Soul, Funk ... ) Rock, Pop... today's music

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Instrument:  the student brings his/her instrument

Language:  French or English 

Flexible duration:  depends on the chosen workshop

Days: see Menu Dates 

Frequency:  One day, Module... 

Location: see this page

For all these courses and workshops, in addition to traditional physical instruments and voice, pencil and paper ... we use many tools of the third millennium running on computers and phones (software, applications, community spaces, Internet search) ...

SUPERVISION and Coaching

The words "coach" "coaching" "coachee" ... etc. are currently being used at "all sauces" and too often replace the words "teaching" "tip" "consultancy" or "information transmission".

Coaching is a way to bring a person to find the solution he/she already has in him/her.

see the course Artist's Project for all levels, all Arts (in partnership with Coach for Peace )

09 11juil C4P Artists Workshop 16

group SUPERVISION and Coaching

- ONE at a time intervention of 1 session

- MODULE intervention of 12 sessions

- 1 or 2 persons Group special case

description and rates in the menus on the left

the courses can take place:

at the chosen BLUESCHOOL structure

by Internet (worldwide ;-)

at the rehearsal room of the group or orchestra

and upon request, at Schools and Associations who wish to