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Instruments:  guitars (acoustic, electric & synth), electric bass, drums, vocals.

Styles: blues, soul, rock, jazz, contemporary, experimental, improvised music and of course jfm's !

It’s useless to tag jfm in a category. He’s not an artist of this or that. He’s entirely free from styles and categorisations and you have to redefine him at every piece, at every song.

prolific  about 300 works to his credit, including a lakeside show, a comic opera, a hymn to science, two musicals, eight pieces for horn quartet, sound illustrations and soundtracks for film, theater… an improvised opera, dozens of pieces for guitar and for guitars orchestra and more. Written or improvised music, from pieces for solo instruments to pieces for hybrid orchestras of 75 or more musicians.

invents hybrid instrumentation  including in the same composition orchestras such as string quartet, big-band jazz, classical percussion, rock band, opera singing, and lesser-known instruments like the didgeridoo, musical saw, kazoo or garden hose.

breaks down barriers between styles  Though this idea is fashionable today (2000), few composers dare or are able to implement it. Jean-François Mathieu re-composes or puts in juxtaposition bands of totally different musical practices in the aim of having the necessary players to perform his "musique de pays imaginaires" (music for not yet existing countries).

multi-instrumentalist  whose main instrument is guitar (see above), thirty years of professional practice, 1000 concerts and festivals, twenty tours arround the world, fifty press articles, appeared in more than thirty recordings, participated in fifty television shows, twenty radio shows, produced two CDs of guitar, and appeared in three films.

30 years of teaching practice   in various forms, workshops, training courses, private lessons, supervision of groups, he taught over two thousand students.

knows how to work quickly and efficiently  while creating an atmosphere of work where the effort is transparent. Jean-François Mathieu has the "coach approach" and is able to include in the same project amateurs and professionals, to highlight and bring out the best from each person, to adapt his language and gestures based on knowledge of the player, music-reader or not.

worked with almost all other Art forms  such as photography, video, film, painting, literature, theater, dance, visual arts and others. Sometimes invests a venue and integrates its surroundings as part of the show, puts live musicians into action on and off stage, inside and outside, in concert venues and other rather unusual places (post office, hair dresser, clothes shops…).

absorbs and uses new technologies   computers since 1986, phones and other digital platforms, software and applications, electronic instruments... Jean-François Mathieu also has a large presence on the Internet since 1996.

is clear and consistent , he says what he does and does what he says.

Instruments:   guitars (acoustic, electric & synth), electric bass, drums, vocals. 
Styles:   blues, soul, rock, jazz, contemporary, experimental, improvised music and of course jfm!