What is YOUR project?

I compose for your project

I like to compose, illustrate everyday life, give sound to events, plays, shows, films, websites ... add new repertoire to orchestras who want to play original works of today composers, attempt new instrumentation, push further the limits of an instrument, create unprecedented sound environments. I'm offering the way I see and hear the world ...

Listen to my work and compositions under  PAST WORKS

YOUR project needs sound? music? Let's talk together.

There are no small accomplishment, each project requires special attention. So whatever sound you want to bring to the hilights of your life or creations, I will be happy to help and create original music that will make these events even more unforgettable.

jfmathieu Diam

I supervise your group or yourself individually

I believe in the potential of each one of us, I am a good listener, I have empathy, I lead the person to experience his/her discoveries.

Besides coaching, and specific Group monitoring, I can offer help in different ways: Council, Consultation, Evaluation, Art Direction, Re-arrangement of pieces or repertoire, Production, etc ...

Although it appears that I have the "coach approach", for some courses I team with a Certified Coach who guarantees the knowledge and the proper implementation of the toolbox (simple and fun) used to help the person achieve his/her goal.

see under  Coaching

I teach you to be more efficient using new technologies

I will help you in setting up and using the tools of the third millennium to learn, teach, work, prospecting for concerts, and everything about the business of music as an amateur or professional. Computers, phones, software, applications, community spaces, databases, Internet search ...

I give didactic presentations in your structure (private or public)

Presentations in schools, colleges, associations, events ...

on aspects of the guitar: acoustic, electric, guitar-synthesizer
on a style of music: Blues, Funk, Soul ...
on a composer: Jimi Hendrix, Frank Zappa, James Brown ...
on improvisation
and others aspects of music
see details under TEACHING

Feel free to contact me to find the best solution to enhance your project, or for more information.