Following the experience of these recent years and the suggestions of over 250 participants BLUESCHOOL present the following workshops proposals:

ONE-DAY 6 hours (1 session) dates to be fixed together

MODULES 24 hours (4 sessions of 6 hours) see next dates

YEARLY 72 hours (34 sessions of 2 hours (20 to 22h) from mid-September to mid-June) and 2  concerts.

detailed DESCRIPTIONS in the MENUS


BENEFITS : customization, flexibility, efficiency, follow-up

Designed for you to achieve your musical goals at your own pace
You are not tied to the program, after each workshop you have time to practice and come back when your ready
For one-day workshops and modules, you don't need to register for a full school year
You are free to attend a same course several times as you wish
If you don't want to start a band but still want to play in a group, you can participate to the YEARLY workshop
Your project can go from discovery to the forming of a band and be followed
Possibility to register as an already formed group to discover the BLUES or work further together 
Workshops are given in French / English
MODULES are particularly suitable for those who want to reduce their travel time and expenses
In the YEARLY workshops we will build and prepare a repertoire, give two concerts.

In all cases, you will share a passion, fulfill a dream, build something as a team, make discoveries about music and human nature, meet other musicians, communicate through sound... In one word: live an exceptional experience !

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Blues BAND
For youngsters (10-15 years) 
In schools or associations 

- Any Request, need or idea for a workshop? group supervision? please contact Jean-François Mathieu